Theodor Kullak

Theodor Kullak was born in Krotoschin (Posen), Prussia, September 12, 1818.

He was instructed by Albrecht Agthe, hauch, Czerny, Sechter, and Nicolai, and from 1843 was music teacher to the children of the royal family. In conjunction with Stern and Marx, in 1851, he founded a conservatory at Berlin, and in 1855, after some disagreement, he started a new institution in the same city, called “Neue Akademie der Tonkunst”. In 1861 he was made royal professor. He devoted himself principally to the drawing room style of composition, and published many popular transcriptions and arrangements. Besides being distinguished as pianist and teacher, he won fame as the author of standard books, his “School of Octave Playing” being in general use.

He died in Berlin, March 1, 1882.