Valentin Adamberger

Valentin Adamberger was born at Munich, July 6, 1743. Remarkable for his splendid tenor voice and admirable method. He was taught singing by Valesi, and at his instance went to Italy, where he met with great success under the Italianized name of Adamonti. He was recalled to Vienna by the Emperor Joseph and made his first appearance at the German opera at the Hof und National Theater there on August 21, 1780. In the interim, however, he had visited London, where he sang in Sacchini’s ‘Creso’ at the King’s Theater in 1777.

In 1789 he entered teh Imperial Chapel. Later in life he became renowned as a teacher of singing. It was for him that Mozart composed the part of Belmonte in the ‘Seraglio’, as well as the fine airs ‘Per pieta’, ‘Aura che intorno’ and ‘A te, fra tanti affanni’ (Davidde Penitente). He also appeared in the ‘Schauspiel Director’ of the same master. In 1782 he married Maria Anna, daughter of Jacquet the actor, herself a noted actress. She died 1804. His daughter Antonie, also a player, a woman of much talent and amiability, was betrothed to Korner the poet, but their union was prevented by his death in action August 26, 1813, after which, 1817, she married Jos. Arneth, trustee to the imperial cabinet of antiquities.

Fetis and others give Adamberger’s name as Joseph, and his death as on June 7, 1803 both incorrect. He died in Vienna, August 24, 1804, aged sixty one. Mozart’s letters contain frequent references to him, and always of an affectionate and intimate character. Through all the difficulties and vicissitudes of theatrical life, nothing occurred to interrupt their intercourse, though evidence is not wanting that Adamberger’s temper was none of the best. Mozart took his advice on musical matters, and on one occasion names him as a man ‘of whom Germany may be well proud’.