Wilhelm Kuhe

Wilhelm Kuhe was born in Prague December 10, 1823.

He was a pupil of Proksch, Tomoschek, and Thalberg, Julius Schulhoff being his fellow student. IN 1844-45 he played in Munich, Stuttgart, and other cities with pronounced success. In 1845 he went to play in England and settled there.

He attained popularity as a teacher, performer, and promoter of concerts, and showed great enterprise in the annual festivals held in 1870-72, wherein he encouraged native talent and had many compositions of merit produced.

He was appointed professor in the Royal Academy of Music in 1866. His compositions include drawing room pieces, fantasias, and studies. Among them are “Lieder ohne Worte”, “Chanson d’Amour”, “Etude de Concert”, “Cujus Animam”, etc.