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Biographies of music composers, singers and teachers.

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Lowell Mason

American Educator and Musical Pioneer By J. Cuthbert Hadden The name of Lowell Mason is familiar, chiefly as that of a composer who gave us such favorite tunes as “Heber” (“From Greenland’s Icy Mountains”)...


Martin Luther 1483-1546

Martin Luther was born at Eisleben, on St Martin’s Eve, November 10, 1483. It was after his departure from the Wartburg, March 22, 1522, that Luther began to occupy himself with projects for the...


Orlando Di Lasso

Orlando Delattre is generally known by the Italian form of his name, Orlando di Lasso. He was the last great light of the famous school of Netherlands masters who were the real founders of...


Giovanni Battista Pergolese

The measure of a life is not its length, but is productiveness, and the best of a life’s work is in its quality, not its quantity. The history of the fine arts is rich...


Arrigo Boito

Arrigo Boito presents the peculiar example of a musician high in distinction in his own country, with a fair measure of fame in other lands, who, though past the age of 50 years has...


The Life of Edward Elgar

By Edward Burlingame Hill At present, no English composer occupies a position of such prominence as Edward Elgar. His works are enthusiastically performed and received throughout England; they have made their way into Germany,...


Margaret Ruthven Lang 1867-1972

Margaret Ruthven Lang, daughter of B. J. Lang of Boston, was born in Boston, November 27, 1867. She began the study of pianoforte under one of her father’s pupils, and later continued it under...


Adolph Martin Foerster 1854-1927

Adolph Martin Foerster was born February 2, 1854, at Pittsburg, Pa. His first instruction was given him by his mother, and he subsequently studied with Jean Manns. In 1872 he went to Leipsic, and...


William Wallace Gilchrist 1846-1916

M. Wallace Gilchrist was born January 8, 1846, in Jersey City, N. J. His father was a Canadian of Scottish extraction, and his mother an American descended from Puritan stock. Both the parents had...


Arthur Bird 1856-1923

Arthur Bird was born July 23, 1856, at Mount Auburn, Cambridge, Mass. His father, Horace Bird, was a well-known musician in the neighborhood of Boston, where his singing schools were very popular. Bird received...