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Biographies of music composers, singers and teachers.

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Pierre Baillot

Pierre Baillot was born October 1, 1771 at Passy near Paris and died September 15, 1842. He showed very early musical talent, and got his first instruction on the violin from an Italian named...


Marie Taglioni

Marie Taglioni was born April 23, 1804 (Regli), or 1809 (Biographie Universelle), at Stockholm, Sweden. She died April 24, 1884 at Marseille, France. She was the daughter of Filippo Taglioni, an Italian dancer and...


Hamish MacCunn

Hamish MacCunn was born March 22, 1868 in Greenock and died August 2, 1916 in London. Hamish MacCunn’s father, James MacCunn was a ship owner. Hamish MacCunn showed an early aptitude for music and...


Teodulo Mabelinni

Teodulo Mabellini was born April 2, 1817 at Pistoia and died March 10, 1897 in Florence. Teodulo Mabellini was a pupil of the Istituto Reale Musicale in Florence. When he was 19 years old,...


Gioseffo Zarlino

Gioseffo Zarlino was born March 22, 1517 and died February 4, 1590 in Chioggia, Italy. Zarlino was one of the most learned and enlightened musical theorists of the 16th century. He was generally known...


Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini was born April 8, 1692 in Slovenia (Istria) and died February 26, 1770 in Italy. Tartini was the founder of an important school of violin playing at Padua, and the originator of...


Neils Gade

Niels Gade was born February 22, 1817 and died December 21, 1890 at Copenhagen. Niels Gade was the son of a maker of musical instruments. His first instruction in music was obtained from a...


Carlo Farinelli

Carlo Broschi Farinelli was born January 24, 1705 at Naples and died July 15, 1782 at seventy eight years old. Some say that Carlo Farinelli derived his sobriquet from the occupation of his father...


Pietro Nardini

Pietro Nardini was born in Fibiana, a village in Tuscany, April 12 1722 and died May 7, 1793 at Florence. Pietro Nardini received his first musical instruction at Leghorn, and later studied for several...


Eaton Faning

Eaton Faning was born May 20, 1850 at Helston in Cornwall and he died October 28, 1927. His father was a professor of music. He received his first instruction on the piano and violin...