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Arrigo Boito

Arrigo Boito presents the peculiar example of a musician high in distinction in his own country, with a fair measure of fame in other lands, who, though past the age of 50 years has...


Arthur Bird 1856-1923

Arthur Bird was born July 23, 1856, at Mount Auburn, Cambridge, Mass. His father, Horace Bird, was a well-known musician in the neighborhood of Boston, where his singing schools were very popular. Bird received...

Vincenzo Bellini

Vincenzo Bellini

November 1, 1801 – 1835 Best known works: Sonnambula, Norma and I Puritani. His works are very melodious and his arias will long be popular with coloratura sopranos.

Jacques Blumenthal

Jakob (or Jacques) Blumenthal

Born in Hamburg, Germany, October 4, 1829. He studied in the Paris Conservatory of Music, and in 1848 settled in London as Pianist and teacher. The melody and grace of both his songs and...


Ferruccio Benvenuto Busoni

Busoni was born at Empoli, near Florence, April 1, 1866. His father was a clarinet player, and his mother (Anne Weiss) gave him his first piano lessons. He made his first public appearance at...


Willy Burmester

Burmester was born March 16, 1869, at Hamburg. He was a pupil of Dr. Joachim in Berlin, with whom he studied for many years. In 1885, however, he seceded from the Joachim school, and...

Louis Brassin

Louis Brassin

Louis Brassin was born in Aix-la-Chapelle, Prussia,  June 24, 1840 His musical education was conducted at the conservatory at Leipzig, under Moscheles. In company with his brothers, Leopold and Gerhard, he made several concert...


Johannes Brahms

Among the artists whose merits have been passionately disputed, not only by the public at large, but also by other famous musicians, is certainly Johannes Brahms. With Brahms it is not as with Wagner...


Johannes Brahms

Brahms was born at Hamburg, May 7, 1833, and died in Vienna, April 3, 1897. His early musical education was cared for by Cossel, and later by Marxsen, Cossel’s own teacher. Brahms went on...

Gaetano Braga

Gaetano Braga

Gaetano Braga was born is Giulianuova, Italy, June 9, 1829. He studied singing at the Naples Conservatorio, then violoncello under Ciaudelli, harmony under Parisini, and composition under Mercadante. Braga wrote operas, symphonies, ‘cello and...