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Carlo Farinelli

Carlo Broschi Farinelli was born January 24, 1705 at Naples and died July 15, 1782 at seventy eight years old. Some say that Carlo Farinelli derived his sobriquet from the occupation of his father...


Eaton Faning

Eaton Faning was born May 20, 1850 at Helston in Cornwall and he died October 28, 1927. His father was a professor of music. He received his first instruction on the piano and violin...

Arthur Foote

Arthur Foote

Arthur Foote was born March 5, 1853, in Salem. As a boy he studied music and at the age of 15 joined the harmony class under Stephen A. Emery at the New England Conservatory...

Cesar Auguste Franck

Cesar Auguste Franck

Cesar Franck was born at Liege, Belgium, December 10, 1822, and died at Paris, November 8, 1890. He studied first in the town of his birth, but in his fifteenth year he went to...


Stephen C Foster’s Romantic Career

By Charles A. Ingraham Comparatively few people are acquainted in any manner with the life of Stephen C. Foster, and fewer still would be willing to admit that he was more than a mere...


Adolph Martin Foerster 1854-1927

Adolph Martin Foerster was born February 2, 1854, at Pittsburg, Pa. His first instruction was given him by his mother, and he subsequently studied with Jean Manns. In 1872 he went to Leipsic, and...


Friedrich von Flotow

Friedrich von Flotow was born in Teutendorf (Mecklenburg), Germany, April 26, 1812. He studied composition under Reicha, at the Paris Conservatoire, but returned to Mecklenburg when the Revolution of July, 1830, broke out. Later...

Elsa Flemming

Elsa Flemming

Elsa Flemming was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1880. As a child she exhibited strong musical taste and an ability to remember and reproduce long and difficult compositions. To her father, for many...