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James Huneker

James Gibbons Huneker

James Huneker was born in Philadelphia, June 31, 1860, and died February 7, 1921. He was a grandson of James Gibbons, the Irish poet and John Huneker, a well-known organist. He was related to...


Engelbert Humperdinck

Humperdinck was born at Siegburg, in the Rhine provinces, September 1, 1854. In 1872 he entered the Cologne Conservatory under Ferdinand Hiller. In 1876 he won a scholarship which enabled him to go to...


Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Johann Nepomuk Hummel was born in Presburg, Hungary, November 14, 1778. His musical education was conducted by his father, and he also studied for two years with Mozart, under who auspices he made his...

Viktor Hollander

Viktor Hollander

Viktor Hollander was born in Leobschutz, Prussia, April 20, 1866. He was a pupil of Kullak, and has composed comic operas (“Carmosinella”; “The Bey of Morocco”) and many pieces for the pianoforte.

Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman was born in Manchester, England, May 24, 1831. He had many musical teachers, among whom were his father, Meyer, Pleyel, Moscheles, Rubinstein, Dohler, Thalberg, and Liszt. At the age of sixteen he...


Ferdinand Hiller

Ferdinand Hiller was born in Frankfort, Germany, October 24, 1811. He was a conductor, pianist, and musical writer and critic, as well as a master in composition. He studied eagerly in his youth, was...

Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold

Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold

Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold was born in Paris, January 28, 1791 His work includes symphonies, chamber music, songs, etc.; but he is best known by his operas, “Zampa”, “Marie”< and “Le Pre aux Clercs”...

Adolf von Henselt

Adolf von Henselt

Adolf von Henselt was born in Schwabach, Bavaria, May 12, 1814. He was a pupil first of Lasser and then of Leihter in Vienna. Afterward, through the generosity of Kind Ludwug I., he was...