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Martin Luther 1483-1546

Martin Luther was born at Eisleben, on St Martin’s Eve, November 10, 1483. It was after his departure from the Wartburg, March 22, 1522, that Luther began to occupy himself with projects for the...


Orlando Di Lasso

Orlando Delattre is generally known by the Italian form of his name, Orlando di Lasso. He was the last great light of the famous school of Netherlands masters who were the real founders of...


Margaret Ruthven Lang 1867-1972

Margaret Ruthven Lang, daughter of B. J. Lang of Boston, was born in Boston, November 27, 1867. She began the study of pianoforte under one of her father’s pupils, and later continued it under...

Charles Samuel Bovy Lysberg

Charles Samuel Bovy Lysberg

Charles Samuel Bovy Lysberg was born in Lysberg, near Geneva, Switzerland, March 1, 1821. He studied in Paris under Chopin and Delaire. When he returned to Geneva he was appointed professor of pianoforte at...

Jean Baptiste Lulli

Jean Baptiste Lulli

The first French composer of a series of operas, Jean Baptiste Lulli (or Lully) , the son of Lorenzo de’ Lulli, a gentleman of Florence, Italy, and Catarina del Serta, was born at Florence...


Gustav Albert Lortzing

Lortzing was born in Berlin, October 23, 1801, and died there January 21, 1851. His father was an actor, and the wandering life prevented him from getting an adequate musical education, through he studied...


C. A. Loeschhorn

Many years ago there lived a man widely known as a writer of practical – though rather dry – piano studies. He had tried his hand at more pretentious work (trios, quartets, solo pieces)...


A Study of Liszt

by Ernest Newman When one goes nowadays into ordinary musical society, and ventures to express the opinion that Liszt composed music, one is generally greeted with a smile of condescending incredulity. To nine men...