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Hamish MacCunn

Hamish MacCunn was born March 22, 1868 in Greenock and died August 2, 1916 in London. Hamish MacCunn’s father, James MacCunn was a ship owner. Hamish MacCunn showed an early aptitude for music and...


Teodulo Mabelinni

Teodulo Mabellini was born April 2, 1817 at Pistoia and died March 10, 1897 in Florence. Teodulo Mabellini was a pupil of the Istituto Reale Musicale in Florence. When he was 19 years old,...


Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler was born July 7, 1860 at Kalischt in Bohemia. He was educated at the Gymnasium at Iglau, at Prague, and at the University of Vienna, where he was also a pupil of...

Maria Felicita Malibran

Maria Felicita Malibran

This great singer was born at Paris, March 24, 1808, where her father, Manuel Garcia, had arrived only two months before. When three years old she was taken to Italy, and at the age...

Mario - Marchese di Candia

Mario – Marchese di Candia

Theophile Gautier, on hearing for the first time the exquisite voice of Mario, listened in rapt attention. When the aria ceased, he seemed lost in wonder, and said, the soft tone of the last...

Modest Petrovich Moussorgsky

Modest Petrovich Moussorgsky

Modes Moussorgsky was born at Karevo, Russia, March 28, 1835, and died at St. Petersburg, March 28, 1881. He entered the Russian army, but on meeting with Dargomijsky and the leaders of the “New...


Lowell Mason

American Educator and Musical Pioneer By J. Cuthbert Hadden The name of Lowell Mason is familiar, chiefly as that of a composer who gave us such favorite tunes as “Heber” (“From Greenland’s Icy Mountains”)...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, January 27, 1756. His genius developed very easily under the instruction of his father, and when less than five years old Wolfgang began composing, and at...

Moritz Moszkowski

Moritz Moszkowski

Moritz Moszkowski was born in Breslau, Prussia, August 23, 1854. He studied at the Dresden conservatory, and completed his musical education at the Stern and Kullak Conservatory, Berlin. His pianoforte solos and duets proved...


Claudio Monteverde

He was the originator of the modern style of composition, was born at Cremona, Italy, in the year 1568. At a very early period he entered the service of the Duke of Mantua as...