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Giovanni Battista Pergolese

The measure of a life is not its length, but is productiveness, and the best of a life’s work is in its quality, not its quantity. The history of the fine arts is rich...


Henry Purcell

This great English musician and composer was the second son of Henry Purcell the elder, who also was a musician of some repute and a gentleman of the Chapel Royal. The younger Henry Purcell...


Giacomo Puccini

This brilliant composer was born at Lucca, Italy, June 22, 1858. Angeloni, of Lucca, was his first instructor, but he subsequently studied under Ponchielli at Milan Conservatory. The success of his Sinfonia-Capriccio prompted Puccini,...


David Popper

David Popper was born June 18, 1846, at Prague, and studied music at the conservatory in that city. He studied the violoncello under Goltermann, and soon attracted attention. He made his first tour in 1863,...

Gabriel Pierne

Gabriel Pierne

Gabriel Pierne was born in Metz, August 16, 1863 His musical training was received at the Paris Conservatory from Marmontel, Massenet, and Franck. In 1890 he became organist at the Church of Ste. Clothilde....

Ellsworth S Phelps

Ellsworth S Phelps

Ellsworth S Phelps was born in Syracuse, N. Y. in 1857 He traveled as a virtuoso for several years, and then studied in Germany. His first composition was written in 1882, since which time...


Ernst Pauer

Ernst Pauer was born in Vienna, Austra, December 21, 1826 He studied there under Theodore Dirzka, W. A. Mozart, Jr., and Sechter, and at Munich with Franz Lachner. In 1847 he was made director...


Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini was born in Genoa, October 27, 1782. At a very early age he began to receive musical training, at six could play the violin, and at nine made his first public appearance....