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Anton G. Rubinstein

November 28, 1829 – November 20, 1894 Best known works: Operas, Dimitri, Donskoi, Feramors, etc. Piano concerto in D Minor, and many smaller pieces including Melody in F and Kammernoi Ostrow. Written by Aubertine...



1712-1778 “True inaugurator of modern romantic naturalism.” Rousseau was the son of a watchmaker of Geneva. His mother died at the time of his birth, and his early training was sadly neglected. This fact...


Moriz Rosenthal

Rosenthal was born December 18, 1862, at Lemberg, where his father was professor at the chief academy. At eight years of age he commenced his piano studies under Galoth, who did not pay much...

Joseph Leopold Roeckel

Joseph Leopold Roeckel

Joseph Leopold Roeckel was born in London, April 11, 1838 He studied in Wurzburg and Weimar under Eisenhofer and Gotze. Afterward he settled in Bristol, and later in Clifton, England, as a teacher and...

rimsky korsakoff

Nicholas Andreivitch Rimsky-Korsakoff

Rimsky-Korsakoff was born March 18, 1844, at Tikhvin, in the government of Novgorod. The son of aristocratic parents, his early manifestations of musical genius were not greatly encouraged, and in 1856 he went to...


Hugo Riemann

Dr. Hugo Riemann was born at Grossmehlra, near Sondershausen, July 18, 1849. He was educated in law and other subjects at Berlin and Tubingen. After going through the Franco-German war he decided to devote...


Josef Gabriel Rheinberger

Rheinberger was born March 17, 1839, at Vaduz, Lichtenstein, and died Munich, November 25, 1901. When only seven years old he was organist at Vaduz Parish Church, and his first composition was performed the...

Karl Reinecke

Karl Reinecke

Karl Reinecke was born in Altona, Germany (then a town of Denmark), June 23, 1824. His father, who was also a musician, trained his son so early that at eleven years of age Karl...

Jean Henri Ravina

Jean Henri Ravina

Jean Henri Ravina was born in Bordeaux, France, May 20, 1818. In 1831 he was entered at the Paris Conservatory, where he was a pupil of Laurent (theory) and Zimmermann (pianoforte), and where he...

Joseph Joachim Raff

Joseph Joachim Raff

Joseph Joachim Raff was born in Lachen, on the lake of Zurich, Switzerland, May 27, 1822. He was self-taught in composition and violin playing. In 1843 he sent some MSS. to Mendelssohn, who recommended...