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charles reade

Charles Reade

Charles Reade Charles Reade was an English dramatist and novelist. Charles Reade was born June 8, 1814 and died April 11, 1884. He is claimed to have owned the larges collection of old violins....


John Randall

John Randall, Mus.D. John Randall was born in 1715. He was a chorister of the Chapel Royal under Bernard Gates. He was one of the boys who share din the representation of Handel’s ‘Esther’...

Giovanni Battista Rubini

Giovanni Battista Rubini

Rubini divides the palm with Mario. In many respects it is difficult to decide how much of the palm should be given to either, or whether it should be equally divided. The weight of...

James Hotchkiss Rogers

James Hotchkiss Rogers

James Hotchkiss Rogers was born at Fair Haven, Connecticut, February, 1857. After studying for a while in the United States, in 1875 he went abroad and continued his studies in Berlin. He was a...

Jean de Reszke

Jean de Reszke

Pronounced (Resh’-kay). Jean de Reszke was born as Warsaw, Poland, January 14, 1850. He studied with Ciaffei, Cotogni and Sbriglia. He made his first operatic appearance in Venice, 1874, and sang in London, 1875....


Biography of Rachmaninoff

By Kurt Schindler This biography has been read by the great composer in person, and is, therefore, accurate. Rachmaninoff is now (1919) 45 years of age. He was born on the 20th of March,...


The Real Anton Rubinstein 1830 1894

The three dynasties of Russian monarchs who ruled over the vast country immediately prior to the birth of Rubinstein made a powerful impression upon the life and manners of the somber territory washing by...


The Real Rossini 1792 1868

Gioachino Antonio Rossini was born a score of years before Verdi and died some thirty years before the later Italian master. The periods of these masters is therefore quite different, because Rossini retired from...


Anton G. Rubinstein

November 28, 1829 – November 20, 1894 Best known works: Operas, Dimitri, Donskoi, Feramors, etc. Piano concerto in D Minor, and many smaller pieces including Melody in F and Kammernoi Ostrow. Written by Aubertine...



1712-1778 “True inaugurator of modern romantic naturalism.” Rousseau was the son of a watchmaker of Geneva. His mother died at the time of his birth, and his early training was sadly neglected. This fact...