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Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowski

Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowski was born in Votinsk, Russia, May 7, 1840. He studied jurisprudence in St. Petersburg, and in 1859 was appointed to a position in the Ministry of Justice. In 1862 he left...

Berthold Tours

Berthold Tours

Berthold Tours was born in Rotterdam, December 17, 1838. He studied music at Brussels and Leipzig, and was known as a violinist, editor, and composer. Among his published works are many very popular songs...


Sigismund Thalberg’s Life

Nothing could better illustrate the transitoriness of a virtuoso’s fame than the neglected centenary, January, 1912, of the once popular Thalberg. Although by no means the most eminent of other day musicians whom the...


Sigismund Thalberg

Sigismond Thalberg ws born at Geneva, January 7, 1812. As a pianist he belonged to the Viennese School, which he represented with exceptional authority and success. His instruction was received from Sechter, Czerny and...