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Hermann Adolf Wollenhaupt

Hermann Adolf Wollenhaupt

Hermann Adolf Wollenhaupt was born in Schkeuditz, Prussian Saxony, September 17, 1827. He studied under Julius Knorr in pianoforte, and Moritz Hauptmann in composition. From 1845 he was a teacher in New York. His...

Henri Wieniawski

Henri Wieniawski

Henri Wieniawski was born in Lublin, Poland, July 10, 1835. He studied at the Paris Conservatory with Clavel, Massart, and Colet, was an instructor in the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1862-67, and in 1864...


Henri Weil

Henri Weil was born in New York City, in 1870, of French and German parentage. He began the study of the piano at the age of seven years. At the age of sixteen he...


Karl Maria von Weber

Karl Maria von Weber was born in Eutin, Germany, December 18, 1786. His father was a musician, and Karl was well educated. He studied for time painting and engraving, but music was his passion....

George William Warren

George William Warren

George William Warren was born in Albany, N. Y., August 17, 1828. In 1860-70 he was organist of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, and from 1870 of St. Thomas’ Church, New York....


Richard Wilhelm Wagner

Wilhelm Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig, Germany, May 22, 1813. In 1834-36 he was conductor at Magdeburg, and after similar engagements (1836-39) in Konigsberg and Riga he went to Paris, where he remained...