Music history as it was seen and recorded long ago.


Who Was the First Virtuoso Conductor

By W. J. Henderson Who was the first virtuoso conductor and why? It is not at all likely that either of these questions can be answered satisfactorily. The virtuoso, or, as he is sometimes...


Anton Dvorak as a Teacher in the Classroom

By Ludmila Vojackova-Wetche (Dvorak Student) The composition class at the Prague Conservatory lasted about three hours. It was divided into two parts by a recess of from five to ten minutes. During these recesses...


The Potency of Berlioz in Modern Music

Ernest Newman When Berlioz reflected, as he must often have done in bitterness of spirit, that he suffered contemporary neglect precisely because he was too great, too new, for his own generation, he may...


How the Art of Playing the Piano Developed

By W. J. Henderson If one seeks for a date at which to begin a story of piano playing, he need not strive to penetrate too far behind the curtain of obscurity which hides...


17 Salon Composers and Their Compositions

The light, graceful and melodious style of music known as “salon” music, is so widely favored, that it may be interesting to know something of some of the writers who specialize in its composition....