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Music notation software reviews.


Sibelius 3 Review

If you have been wishing to find powerful music notation software then your wish just came true! Sibelius 3 is a wish come true for notation beginners, professionals, teachers and anyone in between. Sibelius...


Finale 2005 Review

Finale 2005 by makemusic! is an awesome piece of notation software that does a lot more than help you do music notation. It has a lot of features without a lot of complexity and...


Finale Notepad 2005 Review

Finale NotePad 2005 is a quick, easy and inexpensive (free) way to create your music and share it with others. You can create and listen to your music as you create it. You can...


MagicScore Maestro 3.8 Review

MagicScore Maestro is a pretty cool application that allows you to create music quickly and easily either with a single instrument or many. There are several ways to go about this (one of which...