John Garner’s Trail Herd

John Garner’s Trail Herd

Come all you old timers and listen to my song
I’ll make it short as possible and I’ll not keep you too long
I’ll relate to you about the time you all remember well
When we with old Joe Garner drove a beef herd up the trail.

When we left the ranch it was early in the spring
We had as good a corporal as ever rope did swing
Good hands and good horses good outfit through and through
We well well equipped we were a jolly crew.

We had no little heard – two thousand head or more
And some as wild a brush beeves as you ever saw before
We swung to them all the way and sometimes by the tail
Oh you know we had a circus as well all went up the trail.

All things went on well till we reached the open ground
And then them cattle turned in and they gave us merry hell
They stampeded every night that came and did it without fail
Oh you know we had a circus as we all went up the trail.

We would round them up at morning and the boss would make a count
And say Look here, old punchers, we are out quite an amount
You must make all losses good and do it without fail
Or you will never get another job of driving up the trail.

When we reached Red River we gave the Inspector the dodge
He swore by God Almighty in jail old John should lodge
We told him if he’d taken our boss and had him locked in jail
We would shore get his scalp as we all came down the trail.

When we reached the Reservation how squirmish we did feel
Although we tried old Garner and knew him true as steel
And if we would follow him and do as he said to
That old bald headed cow thief would surely take us through.

When we reached Dodge City we drew our four months’ pay
Time was better then, boys, that was a better day
The way we drank and gambled and threw the girls around
Say a crowd of Texas cowboys has come to take our town.

The cowboy sees many hardships although he takes them well
The fun we had upon that trip no human tongue can tell
The cowboy’s life is a dreary life though his mind it is no load
And he always spends his money like he found it in the road.

If ever you meet old Garner you must meet him on the square
For his is the biggest cow thief that ever tramped out there
But if you want to hear him road and spin a lively tale
Just ask him about the time we all went up the trail.