Love in Disquise

Love in Disguise

As William and Mary stood by the seashore
Their last farewell to take
Returning no more, little Mary she said
Why surely my heart will break
Oh, don’t be dismayed, little Mary, he said
As he pressed the dear girl to his side
In my absence don’t mourn, for when I return
I’ll make little Mary my bride.

Three years passed on without any news
One day as she stood by the door
A beggar passed by with a patch on his eye
I’m hone, oh, do pity, my love
Have compassion on me, your friend I will be
Your fortune I’ll tell besides
That lad you mourn will never return
To make little Mary his bride.

She startled and trembled and then she did say
All the fortune I have I freely give
If what I ask you will tell unto me
Say, does young William yet live
He lives and is true and poverty poor
And shipwreck has suffered beside
He’ll return no more, because he is poor
To make little Mary his bride.

No tongue can tell the joy I do feel
Although his misfortune I mourn
And he’s welcome to me though poverty poor
His jacket all tattered and torn
I love him so dear, so true and sincere
I’ll have no other besides
Those with riches enrobed and covered with gold
Can’t make little Mary their bride.

The beggar then tore the patch from his eye
His crutches he laid by his side
Coat, jacket and bundle cheeks reds as rose
‘Twas William that stood by her side
Then excuse me, dear maid, to her he said
It was only your love I tried
So he hastened away at the close of the day
To make little Mary his bride.