The Cowboy’s Dream

The Cowboy’s Dream

(Sung to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

Last night as I lay on the prairie
And looked at the stars in the sky
I wondered if ever a cowboy
Would drift to that sweet by and by.

Roll on, roll on
Roll on, little dogies, roll on, roll on
Roll on, roll on
Roll on, little dogies, roll on.

The road to that bright, happy region
Is a dim, narrow trail, so they say
But the broad one that leads to perdition
Is posted and blazed all the way.

They say there will be a great round-up
And cowboys, like dogies, will stand
To be marked by the Riders of Judgment
Who are posted and know every brand.

I know there’s many a stray cowboy
Who’ll be lost at the great, final sale
When he might have gone in the green pasture
Had he known of the dim, narrow trail.

I wonder if every a cowboy
Stood ready for that Judgment Day
And could say to the Boss of the Riders
I’m ready, come drive me away.

For they, like the cows that are locoed
Stampede at the sight of a hand
Are dragged with a rope to the round-up
Or get marked with some crooked man’s brand.

And I’m scared that I’ll be a stray yearling
A maverick, unbranded on high
And get cut in the bunch with the rusties
When the Boss of the Riders goes by.

For they tell of another big owner
Whose ne’er overstocked, so they say
But who always makes room for the sinner
Who drifts from the straight, narrow way.

They say he will never forget you
That he knows every action and look
So, for safety, you’d better get branded
Have you name in the great Tally Book.