The Lone Buffalo Hunter

The Lone Buffalo Hunter

It’s of those Texas cowboys a story I’ll tell
No name I will mention though in Texas they do dwell
Go find them where you will they are all so very brave
And when in good society they seldom misbehave.

When the fall work is all over in the line camp they’ll be found
For they have to ride those lonesome lines the long winter round
They prove loyal to a comrade no matter what’s to do
And when in love with a fair one they seldom prove untrue.

But springtime comes at last and finds them glad and gay
The ride out to the round-up about the first of May
About the first of August they start up the trail
The have to stay with the cattle no matter rain or hail.

But when they get to the shipping point then they receive their tens
Straightway to the bar room and gently blow them in
It’s the height of their ambition so I’ve been truly told
To ride good horses and saddles and spend the silver and gold.

Those last two things I’ve mentioned it is their heart’s desire
And when they leave the shipping point their eyes are like balls of fire
It’s of those fighting cattle they seem to have no fear
A-riding bucking broncos oft is their heart’s desire.

They will ride into the branding pen a rope within their hands
They will catch them by each forefoot and bring them to the stands
It’s altogether in practice with a little bit of sleight
A-roping Texas cattle it is their heart’s delight.

But now comes the rising generation to take the cowboy’s place
Likewise the corn fed granger with his bold and cheeky face
It’s on those plains of Texas a lone buffalo hunter does stand
To tell the fate of the cowboy that rode at his right hand.