The Old Man Under the Hill

The Old Man Under the Hill

There was an old man who lived under the hill
Chir-u-ra-wee, lived under the hill
And if he ain’t dead he’s living there still
Chir-u-a-wee, living there still.

One day the old man went out to plow
Chir-u-a-wee, went out to plow
‘Tis good-bye the old fellow, and how are you now,
Sing chir-u-a-wee and how are you now.

And then another came to his house
Chir-u-a-wee came to his house
There’s one of your family I’ve got to have now
Sing chir-u-a-wee got to have now.

It’s neither you  nor your oldest son
Chir-u-a-wee nor your oldest son
Then take my old woman and take her for fun
Sing chir-u-a-wee take her for fun.

He takened her all upon his back
Chir-u-a-wee upon his back
And like an old rascal went rickity rack
Sing chir-u-awee went rickety rack.

But when he got half way up the road
Chir-u-a-wee up the road
Says he, You old lady, you’re such a load
Sing chir-u-a-wee you’re such a load

He set her down on a stump to rest
Chir-u-a-wee stump to rest
She up with a stick and hit him her best
Sing chir-u-a-wee hit him her best.

He taken her on to hell’s old gate
Chir-u-a-wee hell’s old gate
But when he got there he got there too late
Sing chir-u-a-wee got there too late.

And se he had to keep his wife
Chir-u-a-wee had to keep his wife
And keep her did for the rest of his life
Sing chir-u-a-wee for the rest of his life.