The U-S-U Range

The U-S-U Range

O come cowboys and listen to my song
I’m in hopes I’ll please you and not keep you long
I’ll sing you of things you may think strange
About West Texas and the U-S-U range.

You may go to Stanford and there see a man
Who wears a white shirt and is asking for hands
You may ask him for work and he’ll answer you short
He will hurry you up, for he wants you to start.

He will put you in a wagon and be off in the rain
You will go up on Tongue River on the U-S-U range.

You will drive up to the range and there you will stop
It’s a little sod house with dirt all on top
You will ask what it is and they will tell you out plain
That it’s the ranch house on the U-S-U range.

You will go in the house and he will begin to explain
You will see some blankets rolled up on the floor
You may ask what it is and they will tell you out plain
This is the bedding on the U-S-U range.

You are up in the morning at the daybreak
To eat cold beef and U-S-U steak
And out to your work no matter if it’s rain
And this is the life on the U-S-U range.

You work hard all day and come in at night
And turn your horse loos, for they say it’s all right
And set down to supper and begin to complain
Of the check that you eat on the U-S-U range.

The grub that you get is beans and cold rice
And U-S-U steak cooked up very nice
And if you don’t like that you needn’t complain
For that’s what you get on the U-S-U range.

Now, kind friends, I must leave you, I no longer can remain
I hope I have pleased you and given you no pain
But when I am gone, don’t think me strange
For I have been a cow-puncher on the U-S-U range.