Young Companions

Young Companions

Come all you young companions
And listen unto me
I’ll tell you a story
Of some bad company.

I was born in Pennsylvania
Among the beautiful hills
And the memory of my childhood
Is warm within me still.

I did not like my fireside
I did not like my home
I had in view far rambling
So far away did roam.

I had a feeble mother
She oft would plead with me
And the last word she gave me
Was to pray to God in need.

I had to loving sisters
As fair as fair could be
And oft beside me kneeling
They oft would plead with me.

I bid adieu to loved ones
To my home I bid farewell
And I landed in Chicago
In the very depth of hell.

It was there I took to drinking
I sinned both night and day
And there within my bosom
A feeble voice would say

Then fare you well my loved one
May God protect my boy
And blessings ever with him
Throughout his manhood joy.

I courted a fair young maiden
Her name I will not tell
For should I ever disgrace her
Since I am doomed for hell.

It was on one beautiful evening
The stars were shining bright
And with a fatal dagger
I bid her spirit flight.

So justice overtook me
You all can plainly see
My soul is doomed forever
Throughout eternity.

It’s now I’m on the scaffold
My moments are not long
You may forget the singer
But don’t forget the song.