Key of C Scale and Chords

Key of C Scale and Chords

Key of C

The scale of C major has the following tones: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.

The first tone of the scale of C major, that is, of the scale which has C for the keynote or first degree and has the interval of a major third, two whole tones, between C and the third degree, namely E.

This scale is considered the typical diatonic scale.

Below is a list and examples of the diatonic chords for the key of C.

C Major Chord

C Major Chord

C Major 7th Chordc major 7th chord

D Minor Chordd minor chord

D Minor 7th Chordd minor 7th chord

E Minor Chord e minor chord

E Minor 7th Chorde minor 7th chord

F Major Chordf major chord

F Major 7th Chordf major 7th chord

G Major Chordg major chord

G Major 7th Chord g major 7th chord

A Minor Chord a minor chord

A Minor 7th Chorda minor 7th chord

B Diminished Chord

b diminished chord