Key of G Scale and Chords

Key of G Scale and Chords

Key of G Scale

The scale of G major has the following tones: G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G.

The key of G uses one sharp (F#) to obtain the proper diatonic succession of intervals. This sharp appears in its key signature.

Below is a list of chords for the key of G Major.

G Major Chord

g major chord

G Major 7th Chord

g major 7th chord

G Dominant 7th Chord

g dominant 7th chord

F Sharp Diminished Chord

f sharp diminished chord

E Minor Chord

e minor chord

E Minor 7th Chord

e minor 7th chord

D Major Chord

d major chord

D Major 7th Chord

d major 7th chord

C Major Chord

c major chord

C Major 7th Chord

c major 7th chord

B Minor Chord

b minor chord

B Minor 7th Chord

b minor 7th chord

A Minor Chord

a minor chord

A Minor 7th Chord

a minor 7th chord