Music Theory: Key Signatures

The signature of a musical composition or a part of it comprises all the signs and figures set at the beginning on the staff. These indicate two things, the key and the time, so that two kinds of signatures are often spoken of separately.

Sharp and Flat Key Signatures

The sharps and flats are called the chromatic signs, and the clefs constitute the key signature, which is usually repeated at the beginning of each staff. Each sharp or flat in the key signatures affect all the notes of the same name throughout the piece except when changed by a new key signature, or, temporarily, by an accidental, a sign that alters a note one half step higher or lower.

Table of Flat Key Signatures

fmajorsigF major
D minor
Fa majeur
Re mineur
Fa maggiore
Re minore
F dur
D moll
bflatsigB flat major
G minor
Si bemol majeur
Sol mineur
Si bemolle maggiore
Sol minore
B dur
G moll
eflatsigE flat major
C minor
Mi bemol majeur
Ut mineur
Mi bemolle maggiore
Do minore
Es dur
C moll
aflatsigA flat major
F minor
La bemol majeur
Fa mineur
La bemille maggiore
Fa minore
As dur
F moll
dflatsigD flat major
B flat minor
Re bemol majeur
Si bemol mineur
Re bemolle maggiore
Si bemolle minore
Des dur
B moll
gflatsigG flat major
E flat minor
Sol bemol majeur
Mi bemol mineur
Sol bemolle maggiore
Mi bemolle minore
Ges dur
Es moll
cflatsigC flat major
A flat minor
Ut bemol majeur
La bemol mineur
Do bemolle maggiore
La bemolle minore
Ces dur
As moll


Table of Sharp Key Signatures

cmajorsigC major
A minor
Ut majeur
La mineur
Do maggiore
La minore
C dur
A moll
gmajorsigG major
E minor
Sol majeur
Mi mineur
Sol maggiore
Mi minore
G dur
E moll
dmajorsigD major
B minor
Re majeur
Si mineur
Re maggiore
Si minore
D dur
H moll
amajorsigA major
F sharp minor
La majeur
Fa diese mineur
La maggiore
Fa diesis minore
A dur
Fis moll
emajorsigE major
C sharp minor
Mi majeur
Ut diese mineur
Mi maggiore
Do diesis minore
E dur
Cis moll
bmajorsigB major
G sharp minor
Si majeur
Sol diese mineur
Si maggiore
Sol diesis minore
H dur
Gis moll
fsharpsigF sharp major
D sharp minor
Fa diese majery
Re diese mineur
Fa diesis maggiore
Re diesis minore
Fis dur
Dis moll
csharpsigC sharp major
A sharp minor
Ut diese majeur
La diese mineur
Do diesis maggiore
La diesis minore
Cis dur
Ais moll