Awakening the Divine Spark


The acquisition of technical facility is an easy matter for anyone that has industry and patience, but the magnetic fluid that establishes the contact between the artist and his public can only proceed from the soul of the born artist, and cannot be acquired. The teacher can awaken this divine spark, and fan it to brightest flame, if he has the fine gift of the born teacher. Undoubtedly, very few possess it, and none in the same measure as Franz Liszt, the great artist of the soul. Therefore, both teacher and taught should turn more and more to this mighty teacher as a model the teacher by seeking to influence the soul life of the pupil and guide him into the right paths, not by crushing it with an excess of dry , unnecessary pedagogies that clip the wings of his genius; the pupil by taking as his model the unselfishness of Liszt’s life and his ideal conception of art. Let him keep himself free from all pettiness, narrowness of mind and prosaic living. Let him not limit his knowledge to the piano. Let him mature himself, gather experience, take an interest in everything, in the fine arts and in literature.