After A While

Music by Percy Wenrich

Words by Edward Madden

Copyright 1912 Jerome H Remick & Co

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After A While Lyrics

Honey, you’re leaving me
You know it’s grieving me
No one else can love me
like I liked to be loved

Tell me you won’t go ‘way
Say that you long to stay
You’ll be wood and bill’d
and coo’d and turtle doved

Though you may smile
after a while
You’ll find out that you’ll be sorry
when it’s too late

Give me another chance
Don’t spoil our sweet romance
Now you don’t care
out just wait


After a while
you know you’ll miss me
my honey
after a while
I won’t miss you;

You know that after a while
You’ll long to kiss me
But there’ll be some one who’s kissing me
just when you’re missing me too.

You’ll be sorry then
Go on and smile
but you’ll be lonely
My honey dress up in style

But you’ll be blue so blue
You’ll want me when you’re merry making
You’ll want me when your heart is breaking
You’ll come back to love me
After a while.

Second Verse

Wait till you’re all alone
No one to call your own
No one near to cheer you
when you’re lonely and blue

Longing for sympathy
That’s when you’ll think of me
Maybe I’ll be thinking of
another too

Your heart is glad
my heart is sad
I don’t care what happens honey
after we part

My love can never die
Kiss me a last good-bye
But just remember