America Here’s My Boy

America Here’s My Boy sheet music

Music by Arthur Lange

Words by Andrew B. Sterling

Copyright 1917 by The Joe Morris Music Co.

 America Here’s My Boy Lyrics

There’s a million mothers knocking at the nations door,
A million mothers, yes and there’ll be millions more,
And while within each mother heart they pray,
Just hark what one brave mother has to say.


America, I raised a boy for you,
America, You’ll find him staunch and true,
Place a gun upon his shoulder,
He is ready to die or do,

America, he is my only one;
My hope, my pride and joy,
But if I had another, he would march beside his brother,
America, here’s my boy.

Second Verse

There’s a million mothers waiting by the fireside bright,
A million mothers, waiting for the call tonight,
And while within each heart there’ll be a tear,
She’ll watch her boy go marching with a cheer.