Away Down East in Maine

Words and Music by

Walter Donaldson

Coypright 1922 Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc.

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 Away Down East in Maine Lyrics

Early to bed
Early to rise
That’s what I must do
I’m gonna head
Straight for my bed
When my supper’s thru

So when the dew starts falling
I’ll be in the hay
And when the birdies are calling
I’ll be on my merry way


Can’t you picture me back in a little white shack
Away down East in Maine
Where a little white light will be burning each night
Till I wander back home again

How my heart’ll just dream by the little mill stream
at the end of every day
In the evening moonlight
I love to stray

Can’t you picture my smile all the while surrounded by sunshine
Just imagine my folks when they see me coming their way
I’ll be packin’ my grip
for a wonder trip
On an old New England train

Cause it’s just as nice as Paradise
Away down east in Maine.

Second Verse

How did I know
I’d ever grow
Lonesome, sad and blue

I realize
I’m not so wise
Roaming like I do

Thinking about fields of clover
Fields of waving corn
I’ll start a dreaming all over
When the robin says “Good Morn.”


Peter Peter, Punkin eater, me oh! My
If it ever comes to eatin’ punkin pie
Peter Punkin never had a thing on me
I eat pie in any old key

Wait’ll my train get in Maine once again
Wait’ll they see me there
Fritters and corn
Hot corn every morn
There on the bill of fare

Say my heart’ll be led to the little homestead
even tho it’s mighty plain
But a brand new roof
A coat of paint
Will make it look like it ain’t
I mean that homestead old and quaint
Away down East in Maine.