Every Day’s a Holiday in Dixie

Words and Music by
Will Tracey

Copyright 1919 Broadway Music Corporation

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 Every Day’s a Holiday in Dixie Lyrics

Good-bye, Northern town,
I’ve been all around
There’s nothing more I can do

I’ve had a pleasant trip,
but you can take my tip
I’m disappointed in you

All your great sights
and your bright lights
Are no attraction for me,

When I’m out for fun,
there is only one place
I want to be.


Ev’ryday’s a holiday in Dixieland
Life is one big jubilee, Gee!
I can show to you,
When you’re feeling blue
Sights that you can only see in Dixie
Syncopated music full of harmony
That Mister Sousa never could play.

Darkies signing down upon the levee
While the’re swinging bales of cotton heavy
In that sunny clime,
It’s always summertime
Eve’ryday’s a holiday in Dixie.