Words by Victor Arden

Lyrics by Ray Sherwood

Copyright 1919 Triangle Music Publishing Co.

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Honeymoon Lyrics

Dreamy June,
All the world in tune,
Night shadows are falling,
Loveland breezes calling;

Roses sway,
And the moon beams play,
As we scheme, dream,
Softly they gleam on the land of love.

Let us stray, Dearie, far away,
Stars are thinking, blinking,
Love lamps their eyes winking,
Just we two in my birch canoe
Let us stray away.

Honey moon,
All the world in tune,
Sweetheart, you beside me,
Loveland shores to guide me;

Roses sway As along we stray,
And we scheme, dream,
Under the gleam of a honeymoon.