I’ve Got the Profiteering Blues

I’ve Got the Profiteering Blues sheet music

Words by Al. Wilson

Music by Irving Bibo

Copyright 1920 by Irving Berlin Inc.

I’ve Got the Profiteering Blues Lyrics

I’m feeling sad, I’m feeling bad
I went to see my doctor today
The doctor said your trouble’s gone to your head
and you must take my advice right away

K know just what’s wrong with you
Medicine will never do
I’ve had a lot of patient’s with the same complaint,
when he told me what was wrong I thought that I would faint

I’ve got the


Profiteering blues,
I’ve got the profiteering blues
High prices make me sick for all my clothes are worn through
I’ll have to dress like Adam but what else can I do

I’ve got the profiteering blues
I can’t afford to buy a pair of shoes
Ev’ry time I get a raise I laugh with glee
then along comes my landlord and takes it from me

It seems the more I make
the more they take,
I’ve got the profiteering blue.

Second Verse

Long, long ago prices were low
That is like a dream now to me
A little pay would a very long way
a loaf of bread now is a luxury
I’m disgusted through and through

Here’s what I would like to do
Just like Rip Van Winkle I would like to sleep
Until the cost of living once again is cheap