Just Like a Gipsy

Just Like a Gipsy sheet music

Words and Music by Seymour B. Simons and Nora Bayes

Copyright 1919 Jerome H Remick & Co.

Just Like a Gipsy Lyrics

Picture just a wondering gipsy band
Calling “home” where ever they take their stand
So have I gone on vainly drifting waiting all the time just for this thing
Wedding chimes are all that are missing now


Just like a gipsy I’ve wonder’d my whole life thru’
Watching and waiting for somebody just like you
Hoping that someday my luck would break
Wand’ring squand’ring my time on some mistake

But now that I’ve found you I need never wander more
I’ve found the one dear that I have been looking for
With love I may grow tipsy like a gipsy would do
Searching hill and dale till I hit the trail right straight to you.