Lullaby Time

Lullaby Time sheet music

Words and Music by Harold B. Freeman

Copyright 1919 by Harold Freeman Music Co.

Lullaby Time Lyrics

In the silver twilight in my little birch canoe
Drifting down the stream, dreaming love’s sweet dream
Twilight brings the roses and the roses bring me you
When I see your winking, blinking eyes of blue, so sweet and true


Lullaby Time means the roses asleep
Lullaby Time means the night birds a peep
Down in my heart there’s a love sparking divine
Sweetheart at Lullaby Time, when you are mine

Roaming in the gloaming down the trail to happiness
Hand in hand with you pal of mine so true
Just a song at dusk, with all the roses still abloom
Seems as tho’ this wide world was all in rhyme, in Twighlight Time.