My Mother

Music by William Polla

Words by Amy Ashmore Clark

Copyright 1920 C. C. Church & Co.

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My Mother Lyrics

There’s lots in this world to be thankful for,
Tho’ we’re often discouraged and blue,
And if you will look thru’ life’s story book,
You will find what I say is true.

When I feel down hearted, one thing makes me glad,
Teh though of that one gift from dear old dad.


My mother, my mother was the greatest gift that daddy gave to me,
I always will love her, and I’ll cherish her memory,
I’m grateful for each sacrifice, she made since I was born,
And I’ll be thankful ’til eternity;
My mother, my mother was the greatest fist that daddy gave to me.

Second Verse

What else can compare with a mother’s love,
When the rest of the world seems untrue?
For she’ll be your friend till teh very end
Always willing do do for you

So I hope to prove more worthy day by day
And show her all my gratitude some way.