Songs for Kids

List of Songs for Kids

Below is a list of kids songs that cover most holidays and also include some general every day songs for kids. Songs can be downloaded, saved and printed.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Picture

A Little Boys Walk

A Little Boy’s Walk in Winter

A Little Child’s Gift Carol

All for Baby

A May Day Invitation

A Morning Thanksgiving

A New Year Greeting

Around the Maypole

A Song of Thanks

A Song of Trees

A Song of Washington

Autumn Song

Awake Awake

Baby’s Bread

Baby’s Calendar

Baby’s Cotton Gown

Barnyard Song

Birds in Autumn

Bird’s Joy

Carol, Carol Children


Christmas, Glad Christmas

Christmas, Merry Christmas

Counting Lessons

Doll Song

Easter Morning

Easter Song

Falling Snow

Fishes at Play

Five Little Mice

Fly Little Birds

Fourth of July

Froebel’s Birthday

Glad Easter is Here

Good Morning Canary

How the Corn Grew

Jack and Jill

In Autumn

Independence Day

Leaves, Flowers and Fruits

Let Us Chase the Squirrel

Lilies Sweet

Making Bread

Making Butter

May Song

Memorial Day

Merry Christmas

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary

Mrs Pussys Dinner

Old Year and New Year

On Froebel’s Birthday

On This Happy Feast Day

Our Fir Tree

Our Land

Santa Claus

See the Pretty Valentine’s

Soldiers True

Song for the Prism

Song for Washington’s Birthday

Spring Song

Springtime Joy

St. Valentine’s Day



Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving for Harvest

The Bird Band

The Bird’s Nest

The Brooklets Song

The Captive Wild Bird

The Caterpillar

The Cradle Nest

The Ferns

The First Christmas

The First Christmas Song

The Garden

The Happiest Day

The Hen and Chickens

The Lambs

The Little Plant

The Merry Little Men

The Mill

The New Year

The Orchard

The Pigeon’s Flight

The Pigs

The Planting of the Apple Tree

The Postman

The Raindrops

The Sleepy Leaves

The Song of the Wind

The Sparrows

The Squirrel

The Sunbeams

The Toyman

The Toyman’s Shop

The Triangle

The Valentine’s Message

The Wind Flower

Three Blind Mice

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

We Thank Thee

What the Little Animals Say

When You Send a Valentine

Where Do the Flowers Go?

While Stars of Christmas Shine

Who’s a Bluebird?


Yes, Come Dear, Dear Christmas